Sunday, January 1, 2012

Victim or Criminal?

Perspective can make you or break you. My question to you is “Are you going to be a victim or a criminal?” I know neither option sounds promising but I like to live in reality so bear with me on this. There used to be a time no so long ago when I stepped on the scale every day sometimes twice a day, avoided all fat, counted every calorie, and wore my heart rate monitor all the time to insure I was achieving my daily burn. Did it work? Sure, but I was miserable. No one knew it but even though I got to my hundred and twenty-five pound goal weight I still was unhappy with my body.  I was doing everything “right” I did not understand why I did not look the girls in the fitness magazines. I continued to put an insane amount of pressure on myself to be perfect.  Why did I feel this way? The power of hindsight has given me this answer. Plain and simple I caved. I allowed myself to become a victim to the pressure of what society deemed to be beautiful. Thinking about now makes me laugh. It was ridiculous to live that way, to think of my body in such a negative way. Paleo truly rescued me. I discovered a freedom with a Paleo lifestyle that I had never allowed myself to have. Perfection is not necessary for health, knowledge and practice is. My journey will not be free of moments of weakness when it comes to sticking with Paleo but I now believe striving for 100% perfection isn’t healthy. When I cheat on Paleo I am knowingly committing a crime upon my body, but knowing what I am doing to my body when I eat certain foods gives me the power.  I am the only one to blame when all the issues I had before Paleo come back.  Having such a good relationship with my body is really empowering and I am proud to say I am no longer the victim but I am criminal from time to time, so arrest me.

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