Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kill the Soda Before it Kills You

I have decided to post this handout I give my clients up on my blog, after all many people out there still have the nasty soda habit.

Imagine seeing an advertisement for a drink that claimed to make you gain excess belly fat, suck the calcium out of your bones, increase PMS symptoms, heighten the risk of developing cancer and cause possible harm to your reproductive system, would you buy it? No that would be absurd, but unfortunately many of us do buy this product. Can you take a guess at what it is?


To see just how much sugar you are drinking check out Sugar Stacks. Also check out What Happens To Your Body Within An Hour Of Drinking A Coke

Right now, today make the commitment to kick soda out of your body forever; it’s not doing you any favors. Not sure how to kick the habit? Here are some alternatives to go for when you get that soda craving. Which buy the way is just a sugar or and/or caffeine craving.

Sugar craving? Go for coconut juice or coconut water.
These drinks still have some sugar in them but they are a much better alternate to soda.

Caffeine Craving? Reach for unsweetened tea or coffee. Missing sweetness or flavor?Try a splash of flavored coconut non-dairy creamer, it can take the place of your cream and sugar as it has a sweet taste to it.

Like carbonation? Try carbonated mineral water. Need flavor? Try adding in some fresh crushed strawberries.
Want to lose weight and detoxify your body? Drink water!
You can flavor your own water with cucumbers slices, lemons or any fresh fruit. Here is an easy way to make water Sassy!

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