Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Go all in or slow play but please don’t fold!

So someone has told you about the basics of Paleo but now you are wondering how and where to start. This will solely depend on how you approach things. Some dive right in, throw out their entire kitchen and start fresh, other decide to follow what I call a Paleo-ish path and commit to changing one meal a day to Paleo, others need to take an even smaller step and start with kicking out something small like soda. Whatever path your chose is OKAY! You have to do what feels best for you and what work for you. 

 Hope you enjoy my Poker/Paleo analogy.

The ALL IN Paleo player.

You’re the type who is holds a seven deuce (the worst hand in poker) but you are so excited about Paleo you do not need to hear the advice of the pros you ready to go all in on faith. I love this enthusiasm, but the problem is it can fizzle out quickly when results are not immediate. I would advise if you are going to push in all your chips wait for a better set of cards. Do some perpetration, plan some meals, and start educating yourself to the why’s. Take the advice of the pros., even if you don’t need to, this will only make you a better Paleo player and decrease the likelihood of you folding your hand too early.
My November “Nine” The Paleo Pros
LorenThe Godfather                                         Robb Our resident Paleo Geek
MarkThe Apple of the Paleo eye                    Chris Paleo Medic
DianeBalanced Holistic/Paleo Gal                Liz No Bull Shit Paleo              
I still want to keep half of my stack
You may be holding a solid hand like jack ten suited but you are afraid to bet all your chips when you are not positive of the outcome.  You are apprehensive, you like your routine, but you’re not ready to leave the table and go back to the slots. You feel stuck so what can you do? Slow play your hand, be patience with yourself and with Paleo. I would advise doing a nutrition challenge and using the support of a friend to push you through it. When it’s over you can make your own choices about what you adapted into your lifestyle and what you don’t.  Just because your gun hoe All IN Paleo friend has gone way off the deep end does not mean you have to go there to.               
My Five card hand of easy to follow programs
21 Day Sugar Detox – Removing sugar for 21 days
 Total Transformation – 30 days of Paleo
The Whole 30 –  30 days of Paleo
Wheat Belly – Removing wheat for 30 days

Chip and a Chair
You have checked every hand and you are down to your last chip, you are ready to finally do something about your health but you don’t think your one chip will get you to the winners table. You are wrong! All you need to change is the desire to change. Keep it simple and begin at the beginning. Start by changing just one thing at a time, don’t give yourself a time limit and when you have that one thing down then add on another and so on.  While you are making these simple adjustments learn your poker hands.
  Strategize your next play – Meal planning 
Fast Paleo - Recipe Sharing
Easy Paleo - Simple Paleo recipes
Paleo on a Budget – Enough said
Food Lover’s Primal Plate - The best food Porn
Primal Toad - Smoothies!

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