Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Day of Firsts

Those who know me know I listen to the Balanced Bites podcast and follow Diane’s Blog. I have her to thank for this day of firsts. Thank you Diane!
Back in April of 2011 I attended Diane’s PracticalPaleo seminar, (I originally blogged about what I learned just for my training clients, think I will re post it here) she inspired me to seek out an education in Paleo Nutrition. Fast forward to today.
My first text book from SWIHA has arrived. I am pretty sure I had the same  look on my face that a child does when ripping into a Christmas gift because my husband gave me a halfcocked look as if I had lost my mind for being this excited about a text book. It is the coolest thing to have the opportunity to learn about what you’re passionate about. I have to thank my husband for giving me the ability to follow this road and bearing with me as I shift my lifestyle. This brings me to my second first of the day, chicken liver.

Again I received a funny look from my husband as he came into the kitchen and saw me holding a bowl of chicken livers. He said he remembers his grandmother eating Liver Pâté when he was a child and cracks a joke about me being an old lady to our dogs and went about cooking his bacon. That got me thinking about how people used to eat, this is what Paleo is based upon, but even if we just go back to how our grandparents ate we can see they had much more nutrient dense food in their diets. Cooking with lard was normal and women did not shriek at the sight of fat as if a mouse had just scurried across the floor.

Check out this old menu from Chuckman's Photos. Liver dumplings with sauerkraut caraways, calf’s liver with Bacon. OMG the menu just keeps getting better and better. Think I might sit down with my grandmothers and ask them to talk about their impressions of food toady and how it compares to what they used to eat. Another blog post for another day, now back to the chicken livers.

I gather up all of the ingredients listed on Diane’s Liver Pâté recipe and I got to work. I am apprehensive but I keep reminding myself all the wonderful nutrients my body will receive today. Once the mixture is read for the blender I am truly enjoying the smell.
Once it is nice and smooth I transfer the mixture into a serving dish and place it in the fridge to cool. I keep myself busy with cleaning up as I anxiously wait for the pate to cool.

Time to give it a try!

 Hey not bad at all! Pretty tasty, I bet it would be good with carrot sticks too.

This Tuesday marks the first day of my journey in Holistic education and I am glad you have come along for the ride.  I am thankful for the opportunity to share my adventures with you and I am sure there will be many along the way.

Till next time….

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